Ideal Container and Fresh Produce Equal Exciting Success for Food Business Vendor

May 14, 2010 at 9:00 am Leave a comment

Operator of Pickled Perfection Travis Lambros works to redefine pickles for his customers and offers deli fresh food. Recently, to bolster his service of fresh and appealing food products, he stocks from FoodPackagingWarehouse’s 18 oz container to positively identify his company and sell pickles at his Arizona shop.

I like the fact that the take out food container has more clarity at the top and that it is recyclable,” Travis says of the C815.

Lambros prepares all his ingredients directly in the rectangular plastic container where it then goes fresh into the refrigerator. This process, Lambros says, makes his look stand out from other foodservices. The to go container also gives him an edge in normal business operations.

Lambros says that the typical pickle containers did not appeal to his customers or his company. “We didn’t want to go with a jar because they are a pain to put your hand in and we didn’t think it was unique to our style.”

Now the 18 oz container allows him the perfect design for the pickles and brine as well as a helpful aesthetic and a customized way to promote his company. With a shatter and leak resistant raised top and seamless fit with its base, Lambros doesn’t worry about the safe storage of asparagus, pickles or any other food. The ability to attach labels has also been a great boon to his business.

“The presentation is ideal, our logo really pops with our ingredients,” Lambros says. After putting forth great effort in choosing the best label for Pickled Perfection, he then made sure its size matched well with his carefully-selected container.

“They fit perfectly on the container with the flat middle that lets us center both sides on the ridges,” Lambros remarked.

So far he has seen great advances in business and recognition, owed in part to a container he trusts.

Lambros adds that his success with produce and food containers makes him to feel positive about expanding his business. As a food packaging resource for restaurants and foodservices, FPW distributes wholesale prices on products that support many independent businesses like his.

“We’ve always tried to give people a different type of experience to something that they’ve known their whole life and change the way they eat pickles,” Lambros says. In sum, to further that undertaking, Lambros says food packaging is a vital element.

“We’ve got great presentation, we have something that’s unique and it’s something that showcases how we are deli fresh and keeps our product from being run of the mill.”


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